Ant Control

Take the Sting Out of Finding Fire Ants

Take the Sting Out of Finding Fire Ants

Look into ant control services in Spring, TX

Discovering a fire ant infestation is enough to make anyone stress. Thankfully, you can get thorough ant control services when you work with Pest Frog in Spring, TX. We use TopChoice, a professional-strength insecticide that's not available over the counter, to make sure your ant problem is taken care of.

You'll even get a one-year guarantee. If you find ants within 52 weeks after your treatment, we'll come back and treat your property again. Reach out to us today to learn more about our fire ant treatment services.

What's included in our fire ant control service?

We want to solve your ant infestation quickly and effectively. That's why we use a tried-and-true ant control plan that includes a general and spot treatment. We'll spray effective and environmentally-friendly TopChoice around your property. Then we'll apply a spot treatment to any existing mounts we find to give you instant results.

Our fire ant treatment will also remove fleas, ticks and crickets. Set up an appointment with us in Spring, TX today.